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A Heart-Warming Story for These Challenging Times

When a client’s family in some distress at being unable to visit or speak to their profoundly deaf elderly mother due to COVID-19 restrictions contacted us, we were happy to go the extra mile to help.

The family’s predicament was further hampered by the fact the mother did not have a FaceTime account– so our team swung into action with an alternative solution.

On the frontline our ever-resourceful carer, Holly, arranged the practicalities and facilitated a WhatsApp Video call to enable the family to connect. All the while our Holly was on-hand to assist with proceedings and make sure the virtual re-union progressed without a hitch, much to the delight of the family who have requested additional calls so the whole family can make contact.

Family Testimonial:
“Many thanks to Holly, who set up a WhatsApp call for my mother and me. It was really heartening to see her, albeit briefly. Even though she is very deaf, Holly could repeat what I said to her, which was very helpful.
The 3 of us are so far away from her, and since she is 100 years old, we are obviously concerned about seeing her again.
Thank you so much for organising this - it's given us peace of mind. We are all very grateful for the very special care you give to our mother.”