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A Bright Induction…
Posted on: 9th November 2018 at 9:57 am

The last couple of weeks have seen a few new recruits join the Bright Spark team.

It has been a time of getting to know each other and sharing with them “the way we do things around here”! There have been laughs and there have been tears, but most of all it has been a period of excitement for all of us.

Their induction to the company is now in full swing and their classroom training with Angela (our great Training Manager ) is giving them the tools they will need to provide the best and safest care to our very special clients.

After a day learning all about medication and how to safely administer it and record it, we dedicated Thursday’s training to the understanding and learning of all things “Moving & Handling”.

It was interesting to watch our new recruits learn to safely hoist each other under Angela’s close supervision!

We now look forward to taking our new colleagues out in the field to shadow some of our experienced Supervisors who will show them what exceptional person centred care looks like in real life!


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